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About Us

Customer Testimonials



Timber Products Company


Munising, Michigan



“MOORE Software Solutions and their products were exactly what we were looking for. Unlike the other vendors we tried,MOORE was willing to adapt to our needs. Their products are flexible, easy to use and integrated well with our existing systems.

“We are very pleased with our relationship with MOORE because they work hard to understand our business and are not intent on getting us to change they way we do things. I highly recommend them and their products to any mill that is looking to manage their inventory supply chain more effectively.”

Scott Bunce
Regional IT Manager
Hardwood Veneer and Lumber Division



Buse Timber and Sales Inc.


Everett, Washington



“We are very pleased with our inventory management systems from MOORE Software Solutions. I can finally get reports the way I want them and at any time of the day. For instance, it used to take 2 hrs to get a yard count – now it only takes about a minute. The software is so easy to use it takes less than a week for a non-technical employee to get up to speed, and our sales team loves the fact they can get a real-time snapshot of what’s in the yard before making a sale.

“We also find MOORE’s service and support to be outstanding. MOORE is very responsive and they were willing to customize their products to fit our operation. Any mill that is looking for a simple system that’s easy to use with support that’s second to none should consider MOORE.”

Mark Hecker
Operations Manager / VP

We focus on what we do best

We create inventory management solutions that link with existing supply chain systems, such as accounting. That flexibility allows us to provide best-of-breed solutions without tying down our customers to one vendor.

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