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About Us

Why Choose MOORE Software Solutions?

Here are 5 reasons…

1. We are flexible
We tailor our products and services to suit your operation’s unique needs. We adapt to you. We don’t force you to adapt to us, and we don’t force you to change the way you do your business.


2. We are knowledgeable
We know the intricacies of inventory management and supply chain integration for wood products operations. It has been our focus since 1997.


3. We are responsive
We love to problem solve and are known in the industry for fast turnaround times and friendly service. We pride ourselves on our track record of honesty and integrity.


4. We make it easy
Not only are our products easy to use and easy to implement, we are also easy to work with. We work hard to understand the unique requirements of your wood products operation. Why? Because we want to make it easy for you to sell more products.


5. We are cost-effective
We believe that good products and services should not cost an arm and a leg. We prefer to build long-term relationships by offering exceptional products and services that are cost-effective.

Timber Products Company

“We are very pleased with our relationship with MOORE because they work hard to understand our business and are not intent on getting us to change they way we do things."

Scott Bunce
Regional IT Manager
Hardwood Veneer and Lumber Division

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