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Inventory Management Software

Handheld Solutions

Get portable functionality and convenience for your operation’s inventory and shipping needs with MOORE CountIT and ShipIT.

CountIT compares your operation’s physical inventory and system inventory:

+  Scan barcoded inventory tags and generate comparison reports between physical and system inventory.

+  Work offline to store data on your handheld device.

+  Syncronize data to your server via wireless connection or docking cradle.

+  Link data to MOORE LUMBERlink.


ShipIT provides your operation with portable shipping and freight functionality:

+  Create bills of lading.

+  Manage inventory units.

+  Manage production.

+  Print statements when linked to a desktop PC.

+  Get real-time data when connected via wireless network.

+  Link data to MOORE LUMBERlink.



Please note:
We can work with your choice of handheld provider or provide a tailored solution to fit your portable inventory management needs. Just let us know what you need. Contact us...

What makes us different?

We tailor our software to suit your operation's unique needs. We adapt to you. We don't force you to adapt to us.

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