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Inventory Management Software

Complete log inventory management software that improves your wood operation's supply chain.

LOGlink Yard Price Maintenance screen sample

MOORE LOGlink software links procurement through to contractor pricing and log yard management.

With LOGlink you can...

+  Manage contractor pricing. Quickly and easily manage multiple companies and individuals paid for log procurement and record and track all types of remittance.

+  Generate multiple reports. Generate reports in formats that allow for quick and easy review of the information you require; export to either Microsoft® Excel® or Adobe® Acrobat™ PDF formats.

+  Track and manage purchase orders. Keep track of all aspects of the purchase order process, including Off-the-Top payments, multiple splits, pricing and agreements.


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We'll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.
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Let us show you how LOGlink can help improve your wood product operation’s log inventory management.
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LOGlink key features

+  Flexible invoicing
+  Log yard tracking
+  Contractor pricing
+  Scale processing
+  Dynamic reporting

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Buse Timber and Sales

"I can finally get reports the way I want them and at any time of the day."

Mark Hecker
Operations Manager and VP

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