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Inventory Management Software

Complete lumber inventory management software that improves your wood operation's supply chain.

LUMBERlink Production Maintenance screen sample

MOORE's LUMBERlink software links sales order information through to shipping and invoicing.

With LUMBERlink you can...

+  Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce errors. Quickly create orders from inventory and then easily convert them to create shipping documentation and invoices – information is maintained,added and carried through to each stage.

+  Provide your sales team with real-time data. Preserve customer information for speedy order entry and manage interactions with the unique customer note management area.

+  Plan and forecast production. Track and analyze customer purchase history.


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We'll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.
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Let us show you how LUMBERlink can help improve your wood product operation’s lumber inventory management.
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LUMBERlink key features

+  Link sales orders
+  Control inventory
+  Real-time data
+  PLC integration
+  Remote data entry

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Timber Products Company

"Their products are flexible, easy to use and integrated well with our existing systems."

Scott Bunce
Regional IT Manager

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