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Inventory Management Software

System Requirements

We strongly recommend that you review the following system requirements before installation and implementation. Your system must meet or exceed the minimum system requirements as described below.


LUMBERlink and LOGlink software


+  Minimum 512 Mb of RAM (1 Gb or higher recommended)

+  1Ghz Processor or higher

+  20 Gb of hard disk space

+  Windows® 98,Windows® ME,Windows® 2000,Windows® XP


+  Minimum 1 Gb of RAM (2 Gb or higher recommended)

+  1.5Ghz processor (dual processor recommended)

+  50 Gb of hard disk space

+  Windows® 2000 and Windows® 2003

+  Require SQL Server® 2000 (support for SQL Server® 2005 TBA)


CountIT and ShipIT* handheld software

+  A handheld computer.

+  Microsoft Pocket PC (2002 or later) or Microsoft CE (4.0 or later).

+  An external handheld PC scanner (for reading bar codes) – we recommend a Bluetooth based scanner for easy access to tall units of lumber.

*  ShipIT requires a Wireless LAN and a Wireless connection.

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